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Agriculture Analytics

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HandsOn Labs helps leaders in agriculture, animal health and consumer goods companies transform data into valuable insights for better decisions. We understand what’s at stake for your business and our food supply. And we deliver innovative agtech solutions you can trust to improve the way you discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize new products and technologies.

Banking Analytics


Drive digital transformation through advanced analytics with embedded AI. Digitalization, fintech, regtech, open banking, data privacy and regulatory compliance technologies are all playing a part. HandsOn Labs believes that surviving banks will be hyperintelligent, AI-driven organizations that can provide personalized, trusted customer experiences, as well as meet risk and compliance mandates.

Learning Analytics


Data and analytics are essential for creating  the futuristic tools for changing trends in the dynamic education. HandsOn Labs is helping to move beyond merely collecting and reporting on data to applying sophisticated analytics that can bring about transformational changes. HandsOn Labs empowers education world to glean deeper insights from better data to improve student outcomes across the education continuum.



COVID-19 pandemic keeps the health care industry is on the front lines. Analytic insights that drive value-based health care. Embedded artificial intelligence (AI), image analytics and machine learning. Integrated data for improved clinical decisions. In-stream analysis of data from the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). With deep industry expertise and health care analytics solutions built for interoperability



The insurance sector is undergoing radical change, driven by ever-higher customer service expectations and opportunities presented by digital innovation. To stay relevant, insurers must become hyper-intelligent, AI-driven organizations. They must provide personalized, trusted customer experiences and innovative risk solutions while managing costs and meeting compliance requirements.


Retail Analytics.jpg

Drive your product demand planning, inventory and supply chain using real-time customer data.  An open analytics ecosystem. Retail analytics and consumer goods analytics  aid in every step of the customer journey for better connections and deeper insights. Change the way demand planning is performed and discover demand planning maturity by deploying our recommendations to get to the next level.

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