For beginner classes and course, duration of the classes will be 30 minutes. For Intermediate and Experienced level courses, duration will be 1 hours.

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What is the duration of Classes ?

Training Classes are delivered to Student's Desk via internet. Live Domain Experts delivers knowledge from their Desk. Both Student and Subject Experts can share their screen content and Subject Expert can help students to work HandsOn live and interactively with the help of Subject Expert.

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How does HandsOn Training Works?

Online videos are one way of teaching without any interaction with  the Instructor. Not an ideal way to clear your doubts and steps.

HandsOn Training helps in providing steps and clearing doubts right their in the classes. It's like having a coach right at your desk.

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HandsOn Training Vs Video Training
What will be schedule of the classes?

Classes will be scheduled as per the availability of the Slots on First Booked First Served basis. If the class is missed due to some exceptional reasons and informed , alternate slot will be tried with the next batch.

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For Individual Classes, one can pay for each class. However, course fee and Annual Course subscription have to be paid at the time of course booking.

Can I Pay Class fee or Course Fee Payments in Installments?

The duration (no. of the classes) of the courses are indicative at the time of booking. These are the minimum no. of classes that will be required to complete the course. However, if the course is not completed within the stipulated no. of classes, extra classes will be scheduled with no extra fees.

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What will be the duration of the Courses?
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